I wish there were more personal trainers who looked like Shannon, and I wish EVERY fitness professional was taught to honor ability, potential and the joy of movement over weight loss.

Lady Parts

A good friend of mine recently posted this link on Facebook.  It’s a fantastic article about the revolutionary act of being both fat and happy–particularly at the gym.  Said friend is, to be blunt and a bit insensitive, clearly over weight.  She also recently became a lifeguard assistant and a certified aqua fitness instructor.

To be honest, it’s kind of a kick in the ass.

I’ve been planning on getting yoga instructor and personal trainer certifications for a year now.  A year.  Part of the delay has been financial.  The Yoga Alliance certification I want is expensive.  But the PT certification I want is only $700.  Before I can take the test I also need to be certified in CPR and AED, but the Red Cross offers those for about $100, total.  And NASM offers payment plans (the details of which are not available on their website).

What I’m…

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