(Ego slash) Pride! and Music



I am pleased to announce that I have gained “Advanced” status as a BodyFlow instructor! I was trying to be modest and wait for someone else to announce it for me, then I realized I’m single and Les Mills isn’t going to post it on their webpage (though they totally should), so it’s up to me. I’m very proud. I’m proud even though the letter from Les Mills reads an awful lot like a pass-withheld letter, which is super annoying.

You have achieved an outcome of ADVANCED INSTRUCTOR. There are a few areas that require on-going attention.

Enclosed is your AIM Assessment Action Plan, which highlights the areas requiring improvement to achieve Les Mills™ ELITE instructor status.

Seriously! That is the exact wording from the pass-withheld letter (and I would know!).

Hello?! It’s not exactly easy to get advanced status, Les Mills. A bit more of a pat on the back would be nice. I would much rather the letter say, “You are a rock star, and in order to become Bruce Springsteen….”


I just got four CDs from Dynamix in the mail, so my evening is planned! This is my first time ordering from this group-fitness-music superstore, so I’m kind of excited. Time to plan my next class! I’ve been getting by with my own music collection, and trying not to make the Les Mills gods angry by using their music. It’s hard to resist all that good workout music!

So now I’m learning the new Les Mills BodyFlow and BodyStep releases, and I’m creating my own class choreography and trying to remember that. (It’s so much easier to remember choreography you made up, though!) It’s a really fun, creative process.

I totally love my life.


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