Another Way of Saying It…


Okay, I think I’m officially cheating by posting all the things I’d be posting to Facebook on my blog instead! But hey, I’ve blogged more this week than I have in six months, so I’m staying with it. This ties in to what I posted the other day (Mindfulness in the Facebook Age).

This falls under the mental health category: Breaking News is Broken. It reccomends taking a long time away from the breaking news, deal with your real-life stuff, enjoy a book and a pot of coffee, and then:

Finally, load up your favorite newspaper’s home page. Spend about 10 minutes reading a couple of in-depth news stories about the events of the day. And that’s it: You’ve now caught up with all your friends who spent the past day and a half going out of their minds following cable and Twitter. In fact, you’re now better informed than they are, because during your self-imposed exile from the news, you didn’t stumble into the many cul-de-sacs and dark alleys of misinformation that consumed their lives. You’re less frazzled, better rested, and your rain gutters are clear.

This is exactly how I did it, minus clear rain gutters. I lived my life. I did my work. I talked to the people I was with about things that mattered to us. Yes, some of that was about the bombings.

It took about 10 minutes a day to stay informed and up-to-date. I did turn on CNN when things got particularly in-the-moment, but by choice for only 5 minutes until they were repeating the same things over and over again.

Hasn’t anyone noticed they do that? Why do people keep watching it? I honestly don’t get that part. Someone at work turned on CNN the other day when there was so much back-and-forth, and I had to wait an hour for that person to leave the fitness center so as not to be rude when I turned the channel. In that hour, I learned 1) that someone had been arrested and 2) that no one had been arrested. It took 10 minutes for them to realize the first was wrong, and they were still talking about the second when I finally turned off the TV.

It was crazy making. There were 300 ways to say, apparently, that someone had not been arrested, and why it was still so important that the search had gotten so far as to have a suspect.

Okay, back to talking about yoga and gym and stuff tomorrow….

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