BodyVive: You Get What You Give


There’s a speech I give a lot about how everyone gets discouraged, no one’s perfect, and if you love the program, you don’t give up…. Today my BodyVive family had to give it to me! It’s the circle of life as a Les Mills instructor, I suppose.

I haven’t met a single instructor who’s been through this process and said, “Oh, yeah, that was easy. I never doubted my ability to be a rock star at this and I loved taping!”

Wow, how much would we hate that person, anyway?

I’ve been through this process a few times now, and I’ve been on both the giving and receiving end of this advice. “You will get this. Give it time. Keep trying. If you love it, it’s worth working for, and you’ll get it.”

I got a pass withheld on my BodyVive taping, and I admit, I was bummed. That’s the generous way of saying I was kind of pouty and felt sorry for myself and thought I may as well just wait until next year to do it, because no one cares if I can teach it or not right now anyway. Poor me.

So I went and team taught with friend Courtney, and she and friend Jayne both gave me the pep talk and shared their tough past experiences. I’ve known them long enough to know their stories, but I was still immensely comforted to hear them.

It’s part of being in the tribe. You stumble, your friends pick you back up, and you try again.

Also, look at this face: Vive 1

Is that the face of someone who should give up on teaching BodyVive? I think not!


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