“Tell me about the ups.”


Last week I was catching up with someone after a meeting and said I was having some ups and downs. She said, “Tell me about the ups.” I loved that! It was saying, “Let’s focus on the positive.”

Interestingly, I had been planning a blog post called “Disappointment.”

Really. So instead, here are some of my ups:

  • Day job: going well and I may be full-time by end of summer!
  • Winter is in the rearview mirror! I’m really pleased to look back and think, I didn’t get sick a lot. I’m prone to respiratory infections (childhood pneumonia and many young-adult cases of bronchitis) and this is the first winter in a long time I can’t remember having any sinus infection or lingering chest cough – just a brief cold in January. I do believe it’s a sign that I’m taking good care of myself with food and rest, and finding a place in my daily meals for some warm, spicey food has made a huge change. I have to say, though, it was also the first winter in a long time I wasn’t working with kids every day! Kids should be labeled with big orange biohazard signs.
  • Building confidence as a group fitness instructor outside of Les Mills. Don’t get me wrong! I’m still completely obsessed with Les Mills and the endless cycles of learn new releases, launch, make playlists of old releases, lather rinse repeat… but it’s also been really scary for me to branch out into the world of designing one’s own class (outside of yoga). One of the biggest delights has been finding I can teach a HIIT class that everyone loves! I hated HIIT and thought “It’s just not me,” but when I thought of using the basic concept but tailoring it to my participants, I found out I could give them a fantastic workout even with low-impact options. It made me feel really creative, proud and brave.
  • Forgiveness of my imperfections/weak areas: I still haven’t mastered putting together a freestyle aerobic routine, but I’ve also learned it doesn’t really matter. People don’t really care if you get the V-steps just so, or if you have grapevines before a double-turn. People mostly want motivation, fun social experiences and a great workout. So now I save the sequenced footwork choreography for warm-ups, and do everything else interval style. Easier for me, and people at my day job love it. As one participant said, sometimes simplest really is best. Also, there are many variations on interval training, so no one will get bored. It was driving me crazy for a while, how I couldn’t do this new thing GREAT, but now I see it’s okay, it led me to find a better solution for my teaching style.
  • Greater understanding of my peers: Just, I’m beginning to understand the people who aren’t so into Les Mills. I used to think they were closed-minded, to be honest. And I do love Les Mills, likely always will, and I think they are the best exercise programs around. I know LM classes bring out the best in me as an instructor. At the same time, I sometimes get frustrated when they put plyo jumps in BodyStep (or worse, in BodyPump UGH!!!), and I don’t have the freedom to change that to an exercise that better suits my class other than the provided low option (which is often repetitive and boring in any program except for BodyFlow, which does options right). Anyway, I’m not trying to be negative here, just saying I can understand where the diehard freestylers are coming from. I get it, peeps.

Okay, that’s some of the ups. I also got a new car, and am planning a move to a new apartment soon, yay, but that’s outside the scope of this blog. I’d love to hear about your ups, so keep in touch!


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