Yep, it’s time for a catch-up post! I’m just going to toss it all in here.

1) BodyVive Certified Instructor, yay!

2) Full-Time at my fitness day job in 4 or 5 weeks. I’ve been working 25-30 hours the last few months, and I’m really excited to, okay I admit it, make more money! I bought a car I can’t quite afford, and I’m going to be moving to a bigger apartment in August. I owe a friend money…. and I’ve been getting worried I wouldn’t have money to pull everything off. So it’s a relief in that way, for sure.

That said, anyone who works in fitness will tell you you don’t do it for the money. I’m excited to be full-time because I’ll be able to offer more classes and connect to people all through the day. I really feel ready to fly. It’s my time!

3) Interesting article from Les Mills on trends in the fitness industry. I really appreciated this, because it’s helped me understand why LM has done some rather stupid things lately, like add sumo jumps to BodyPump. Sorry, personal opinion, but that’s really dumb, and only one example of how a program has stepped out of its own essence in the last year. After reading this article, I can see how a company can look at the trends and the competition and push its program directors to change things up a little bit.

4) This seems like a good time to mention I’ve given up on my goals to be a BodyFlow Elite instructor. Not that I don’t think I could get there, but it stopped seeming like such a priority in the balance of my life. Also because I decided I don’t want to be a presenter. I used to daydream about being on the DVD (mostly so I could hang out with Jackie Mills for a week), but now I find myself bitching about Les Mills programs a lot (see #3), and I like that freedom. As competitive as the LM world is, I would imagine that’s the kind of talk that would keep you from being invited to present at anything, much less on a DVD.

5) NYT article on Yoga After 50. Well said, all around. My only addition would be: practice yoga now as if you want to be able to practice it for the rest of your life. Safety first, honor your limits, and take care of your neck, knees and lower back.




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