Sunday Night Blues


I’m trying to think of weekly rituals to counter-act the Sunday Night Blues, that anxiety that creeps in every week when I get home from teaching BodyFlow and realize I go back to work the next day and am really not ready.

It’s easier tonight because tomorrow is a holiday, and Tuesday is an easier day than Monday. (Monday is a class I need to prepare for; Tuesday is one I can throw together some thoughts in the hour before class and be good to go.) So, first of all, I think I need to start preparing for Monday on Friday. That will alleviate the weekly angst of getting to Sunday night and realizing all at once I have work to do, and going into a panic.

Once that’s taken care of, I think an evening much like the one I just had will be nice. I went for a walk, and though I was feeling a little sad and lonely, I kept being met by sights and sounds I loved. The birds were singing, breezes rustled the now-thick green trees. I saw not one, but three rabbits, all hanging out together! They didn’t even run away when I walked by. It was idyllic.

Back home, I cooked a nice, healthy, satisfying dinner, then listened to the NPR podcast Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me while knitting. Now I think I’ll take a bath and go to bed.

It’s very calming, much calmer than my usual Sunday night, throwing together a playlist and looking for inspiration on YouTube! I just read an article about New Yorkers who fight the blues by going out to dinner at their favorite spot on a Sunday night, but that would have to wait until I make more money – and honestly, until I magically become a full-on extrovert. I do need some alone time before I start my week.

Hope those of you who have tomorrow off enjoy the long weekend, and thank you to those of you who work tomorrow for the service you provide!


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