Reality Check: The truth of my glam fitness-pro life!


The goals I find myself setting in fitness, now that I’m working in the field as my day job, are so different from what I imagined they’d be. I always thought, when I was a capital F, capital P, Fitness Pro, I would be full on, you know? I’d work out all the time, and set fitness goals to keep getting stronger, fitter, faster. I still imagine that’s what most of my peers do.

Here’s my reality, though. My goals are now about doing less and trying to find balance.

I exercise a LOT in my work, and will even more in the coming months as I shift to full-time. So if I’m exercising in my off-time? It is absolutely not in pursuit of any big goal. It’s fun time. I go to the new 8 a.m. BodyPump on Saturday morning (Midlothian Athletic Club, come join us!) not because I am trying to get stronger – though it does have that effect – but because I love the social energy of BodyPump and I get to start my day seeing people I love and soak in the energy of a great community.

I’m going to practice BodyVive (along with the DVD, early rounds of practice this quarter!) with my friend Jayne today before BodyFlow. Am I doing it because I’m such a very dedicated teacher and I always practice in my downtime? Honestly, not really. I’m doing it because I like Jayne and I have fun practicing with her.

This afternoon, I will go for a 30-minute walk in my neighborhood. After two hours of exercise, I don’t have to tell you this isn’t about burning calories. It’s more of a time to reflect on my weekend and the week ahead, and to let those creative juices percolate. It’s time to soak in the beautiful early-summer (not technically, but feels like it) evening and get ahead of the Sunday Night Blues.

Reading back over this, I sound like I’m being a little hard on myself, for not being what I thought I would be at this stage of my career.

The truth is, I’m rather proud of where I am. This is still a very new career for me. Fitness was a hobby at first, then a second job, only a career for … um, 7 months now.

So, the fact that fitness is a day job, and also something I still turn to for social and fun time? That’s pretty cool, huh? I remember when I first started looking into exercise – before I’d even gone to a gym, decades ago – reading about creating a lifestyle that included exercise as an intrinsic part of one’s life. That seemed like such a far-away idea, and now it feels as natural as breathing.

So it’s okay that I’m not rocking it out as a fitness conference presenter or writing cover articles for fitness magazines, or running marathons. It really is enough that I am able to do what I love for a living, and get the chance to still enjoy exercise.

Just for the fun of it!

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  1. Aww Marian, I love this! So from the heart! I think that you have reached a beautiful balance between work and fitness. You are no longer beating yourself up and now are pursuing what you love and working in a field that you love and share. How beautiful is that? You do for yourself and you help others!

    Thanks for saying such nice things. I just love working out together! Love Les Mills programs and the chance to learn from you!

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