Happenings, and Zumba training! (No way! Yes way!)


So many things I’ve missed blogging about! Like teaching my first boot camp class, and going full time at work, and RVA Streets Alive! Oh my goodness, RVA Streets Alive, all on its own, should have gotten its own post. Here’s what I’ll say about it: it was fun to walk around a 2.5 mile loop of Richmond city streets and watch people do things. I even picked up a hula hoop and worked it for about, oh, 60 seconds. I bet it’ll really take off next year!

My employer convinced me to go to Zumba training. This is so far outside of my comfort zone, I can’t even tell you. I think I’d actually rather go to BodyCombat training! Zumba scares me. Not as a participant. Though I’ve only gone twice, I had fun.

As a participant, though, I didn’t mind being awful at it. My hips don’t move that way, and I just don’t have much upstairs to shake that way, if you know what I mean….

But my work seems okay with the idea of my doing my best, and having a class that has lots of salsa, cha-cha, sashay, and not as much with the get-down-and-shake-it.

Because get-down-and-shake-it Marian is going to take some kind of miracle, let me tell you.


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