Sunday Night Blues Musings


There’s something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself…And that creepy ’60 Minutes’ watch that sounds like your whole life ticking away. – Angela in My So-Called Life

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my feeling about the Sunday Night Blues… fairly consistently since I was about 11 years old. Just end-of-the-world unhappy. I don’t even watch 60 Minutes, and I hear that damn clock ticking away…

So, yeah, in case you were wondering? This isn’t a peppy post.

Sometimes when I see how other fitness instructors take the stage and are so full-on with their personalities, I wonder how in the world I actually get paid to do this for a living. I see how they work the crowd, have their very own taglines, tell really funny jokes, and connect with the people in front of them on a Bruce Springsteen level – all while showing and coaching great technique.

Is that me? No, not really. I think if you picture Liz Lemon trying to teach a Boot Camp class, you have a better idea of what I’m like.

The only time I’m completely in a state of flow and comfortable being in front of people teaching is in a mind-body class, like yoga or BodyFlow. I don’t have to even try, really. I can sit in the mind-body essence and feel deeply connected to what I’m doing. It makes sense to me. I can be myself.

In every other format, I have to work really hard. It’s not that I don’t work hard at yoga or BodyFlow, but just to get even competent at teaching something like Boot Camp, aerobics or Zumba (Zumba is the hardest!!!), I have to put ridiculous amounts of time in. And I am not a yeller, so things like BodyPump or Boot Camp have always been hard for me to get the essence right. I understand the exercises. I’m good at technique, exercise science and coaching technique.

But I am jealous of that Insanity-level Shawn-T style of push-motivate-go-go-go patter, and when I try, it falls flat.

It’s just not me. So often I am just the person holding the stopwatch and saying, “Doing great!” Ugh, gotta work on that….

I wish I had an inspiring ending to this post, but it’s Sunday night, and as much as I love my job, this is Sunday Night Blues time.

I do hope to blog more consistently, so in that interest, here are two topics I’m considering. I’d love to hear what you think of these topics before I post about them, too, to include some outside perspective.

1) Les Mills is having instructors download releases, no more kits shipped to us. Same price.

2) To talk or not talk while teaching Zumba?

Catch you soon!


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