The Doubt Demon


In 11 days, I start a photography course at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. And already, the Doubt Demon is talking to me.

Do you have a Doubt Demon? Here are the kinds of things mine says:

  • Really? And where do you think you’re going to find time for a new hobby, hmm?
  • You can barely squeeze in time for knitting and you barely met your (admittedly self-imposed) deadline for your serial fiction this month.
  • Sure, it’s fun to try new things, but remember how it feels when you can’t keep up? I bet everyone else is going to be way better at finding time to take pictures, and you’ll be behind on assignments, and it’s going to feel like middle school.
  • This is going to go the way of your singing lessons and musical theater aspirations, you know.

You can tell the Doubt Demon is an old friend of mine.

Fortunately, I’ve been here before (we’re not afraid!) and I know how to talk the Doubt Demon down.

So, here’s my latest letter.

Dear Doubt Demon,

I hear you. It can be scary to try new things, and yeah, sometimes they don’t always work out. Singing made my jaw hurt, it’s true. But hey! I’m singing along with Music of the Night, right this very moment, and isn’t it awesome to be able to hold those notes? And to know the secrets of singing vowels? I think it is. 

So what I’m saying, DD, old friend, is learning new things is worth it. This is life, kiddo. We only get one chance at it, as the saying goes. Wasn’t 2014 a little more fun that it would be if I had listened to you every time? Yeah, depression nearly did me in a few times, but that was only one part of last year. There was also going to see Wicked, learning to sing Let it Go better than all the soccer moms, GISHWHES and going to DC and hanging out with your Smarch friends. 

So, let’s keep having fun, k? Let’s learn how to take gorgeous pictures, and don’t worry, we’ll leave Perfectionist Pest out of it.. 




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