Okay, time to post.


Isn’t that an inspiring title? I know.

But one can only procrastinate on blogging for so long.

So, hi! Okay, random updates/thoughts:

1) Depression has been tackled head-on. I finally gave in and asked for antidepressants, and wow – I wish I’d done that sooner. Life is feeling pretty darn good again!

2) Writing has been sporadic. I have episode 4 of Once a Fairy just about done – and it’s been so for at least a month. I’m being a total perfectionist about it, which the whole serial-fiction thing was supposed to help me get over. Oh, well. It is shaping up as a novel, so I think I just need to accept that, and stop it as a serial. On the upside, that means I’m about halfway through writing a novel! Sweet as, yo.

3) I finished my intermediate photography course at Visual Arts Center, and really miss it. I did enter a photography contest for next weekend, though, at Dominion RiverRock, so I’m looking forward to putting my camera to use!

4) While everyone else is planning their summer vacations, I’m planning my convention-hopping! I’m going to World Fantasy Convention in the fall. (Actually, I’m not, because the memberships have sold out. But I’m going to the hotel across the street and hanging out with my friends.) And Wizard World Comic-Con is coming to me in August. I’m hoping to volunteer this year!

Okay, that is a post.

I would say something like, real post coming soon, but that would be a lot of pressure.


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