Why I Love ConTV


I have been using the ConTV app (and ConTV.com) for a few weeks, and it’s pretty great.

When I go to cons, I do tend to prioritize the how-to panels. The actor Q@As/panels are great fun, of course, but I feel like I’m really with my people when I’m mulling over the ins and outs of story creation, and considering all the different forms a creative career can take. At last year’s Wizard World Comic Con in Richmond, I attended some great panels on storytelling, the 3-Act structure, and worldbuilding. I walked away with pages full of inspired notes and my creative zest re-ignited.

It’s been equally invigorating, while waiting for the next Wizard World Richmond (This just in! Billie Piper in Richmond! Do you think she’ll have a latte with me?), to watch on ConTV. The audio and visual is great quality, and it is great fun to watch by the pool, or on the treadmill.

Three recommendations:

1) How to be a Professional Geek
2) Calling all Aspiring Writers
3) Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction

All gave me lots of ideas and inspiration, and also gave me some motivation to examine fields I’d never seriously considered. Why couldn’t I write graphic novels? Why not look into writing for video games? I don’t really expect either to pan out, but it’s still fascinating to consider. (Next up on my watchlist: A Career in Video Games part 1.)

There are so many options, from fan panels to a whole section on “kick-ass girls,” that there really is something for everyone.

This all sounds very ra-ra, doesn’t it? I’m really not getting paid for this. I am simply sharing my enthusiasm.

Ooh, speaking of enthusiasm! You must check out Last Fan Standing. It’s a geek game show hosted by Bruce Campbell.

I really want to play.


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