Random updates


Has it really been since Gishwhes that I posted? Wow. Well, Gishwhes was fun. I made Princess Leia out of bread, and crocheted a My Little Pony of Rowena from Supernatural. There are pictures… somewhere. But I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Pain has been manageable. Everything, in general, has been more manageable. I sleep on a regular schedule, and part-time work agrees with me. I have a very boring, but healthy, routine, and that seems to help my health and condition (rheumatoid arthritis) quite a lot.

I’ve been obsessed with Star Wars: The Force Awakens the last week, and have seen it twice.

I met my Goodreads challenge goal for 2015 of reading 65 books, plus some.

I have been trying to get consistent about my own writing. I’ve been lost in the swamp of the middle of the book for a long time, and am starting to wade my way out. I keep reminding myself I just need to finish the first draft. That the real story will come out in editing. That helps, sometimes, but it’s hard not to see everything that’s wrong with it.

Scout has been a fabulous canine addition to my home. He is a great dog, and has really enjoyed training classes at the SPCA.

I guess that’s it! TTFN.


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