Quick hello


Sometimes I miss the days I blogged all the time about nothing in particular. Now there are so many ways to talk about nothing, it feels like I have to have something special to say on the blog.


I may try rambling more. I am cutting back on Facebook, so that may help. I’m not quitting Facebook again, because as much as I loved being off it, no one called me or invited me to parties. So I’m just doing quick check-ins now, and making great effort to not post or comment, because that’s how I get sucked in and lose hours.


I signed up to make preemie hats with a Supernatural fan group, for Misha Collins’ Random Acts charity fundraiser AMOK.


And realized I’m out of any kind of appropriate yarn for that, and broke until Friday. So I’ll make lots of wee hats in a week or two on behalf of the Wayward Daughters. And mail them to Justin Guarini.


Yeah, life is weird when you’re on the outskirts of a fandom. It’s all very enthusiastic and I love the good causes, but I’m not really sure what’s going on half the time.


I’ve been dealing with a flare the last four days, just really achy and fatigued. Each flare seems a little less awful, though, so I guess treatment is working. Sometimes I almost forget I have RA. Depression and anxiety are pretty manageable, too.


What else? Loving the X-Files mini-series. The first one was weird and wobbly, but the rest I’ve liked a lot.


Well, rambling has been fun. Will have to do this again soon!

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