Star Wars brain dump


Herein lies the random Star Wars stuff that has been clogging up my brain. Must get it out!

I am not quite as obsessed as I was for a few weeks there, but I’m still pretty fixated.

A highlight of last week is that Rian Johnson liked my (supremely dorky) cheerleader Tweet:Screenshot_2016-02-21-15-38-05.png

This morning, I spent an hour on the treadmill watching a Star Wars panel of which I’d already seen half. I’d only meant to do thirty minutes, but hey, thanks gym Wi-Fi! Excellent workout, made my whole day better.

I spent a bit of Friday night watching an old JJ Abrams TED talk called The Mystery Box, which I just LOVED. I highly recommend it. It’s all about the wide-open possibility inherent in creating, and I get all inspired when he talks like that.

Finally, Gwendolyn Christie – I only recently put together who she is on Game of Thrones. (Warning, about to get pretty superficial here.)

When I first saw the casting on GRRM’s blog, I thought, man, that must be a mixed blessing as an actor, to get such a high-profile role of someone described as deeply unattractive and ungainly.

And now I’m like, how in the world did they make her look ugly? She is not just pretty, she is gorgeous. Movie-star gorgeous.

Hollywood never fails to amaze. (Also, on a slightly less superficial note, she is very talented and seems very kind and funny.)

That’s all the Star Wars stuff for now.

Off to explore on a rainy Saturday afternoon and search for adventure! (Or: pick up a prescription for my mother. Same diff.)

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