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I really, really like Daisy Ridley, hope she keeps this lovely enthusiasm forever!

Random subjects 1

Confession: I don’t have Wi-Fi at home- or any internet access beyond my phone.

Mostly that’s okay. There’s not really much you can’t do from a phone now. I even filed my taxes from my phone this year, which I am still marveling over a bit.

There are things I can’t do, though, like stream Netflix, or check my work email on work-from-home days. (I don’t really get to work from home unless it’s a snow day, though.) I can’t Skype, and Google docs aren’t as easy to work with on mobile.

Being part-time, though, my budget is ridiculously small. I’m thinking about getting netzero, where it looks like I can get a device for seventy dollars then pay twenty a month for basic access. That is probably doable…

Well, this is a boring blog. I’ve set a beeminder goal of 500 words a week. Didn’t say they had to be good ones! I do find it helpful to stay in the habit of writing and not over-think it. And fun.

Random subjects 2

Anyway… I’ve also been thinking about how much the people around me need to train their dogs. About being That Kind of neighbor… I am so much more relaxed and happy when I take Scout out now, because I know he’ll behave for the most part.

There are a lot of reactive dogs in my apartment complex, three on my floor. There are four of us on the second floor! My dog used to bark, too. Now it’s very minimal, thanks to the classes we went to. Like any good covert, I want everyone to do as I’ve done.

But I also remember how offended I was when someone suggested obedience training to me.

I have thought about putting up flyers for the SPCA class I took, or handing out my trainer’s card. But I don’t really think it would work. It would just make me that obnoxious busybody neighbor!

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