Cranking the engine


Working on the novel has been going really well the last few days, After many days of it not going anywhere or looking like anything good was going to come of the effort. Reminds me of something Stephen King said:

The real challenge is getting into the damn thing, and I believe that’s why so many would-be writers with great ideas never actually pick up the pen or start tapping away at the keys. All too often, it’s like trying to start a car on a cold day. At first the motor doesn’t even crank, it only groans. But if you keep at it (and if the battery doesn’t die), the engine starts…runs rough… and then smooths out.

That’s exactly how it feels! I love the story that is taking shape now. It’s so vastly different from when I started, and the re-write is going to be a mammoth effort in itself, but I like this story so much more now. And the characters are taking on a life of their own.

I thought I was a planner. I started with an outline, and Scrivener has encouraged my outlining habit. Yet, all along, it felt forced, cliched and predictable. No wonder I was stuck for so long: I was bored with it!

Now that I’m allowing the story to take shape in a more organic fashion, I’m excited and not sure what will happen next. (Yesterday I got quite a surprise, actually. I did not see that coming, but once I’d written it, it felt so right, like it had been meant to happen that way all along!)

The story is taking on the qualities of fun, mystery and magic I so enjoy in fiction, and that I was hoping to write. Hopefully that means readers will enjoy the ride, too.


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