Vacation! Not going anywhere, but the older I get, the less I want to travel at all. Flying is a pain, and gas is expensive. Then to figure out what to do with the pets, and then I worry about them while I’m gone…. I am pretty happy about the chance to stay home, really.

Spring is here, I think! It’s so warm and pretty right now. It will be cold again this weekend, but I deeply believe this is a passing phase, so March-like.

I can tell the added afternoon dose of antidepressant is working, just by the fact that it’s after six and I’m posting this chipper blog. I have typically been pretty brain dead by this time. I’m really, really grateful for an attentive psychologist.

In other news, I have to get a new car, the sooner the better. It pretty much got the terminal diagnosis from the mechanic this week.

I am planning to buy a used car. This is am imaginary car bought with imaginary savings. But I’m hopeful; maybe something will come along!

(Yep, meds are definitely working.)


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