Vacation day 2


Oh, vacation is nice, isn’t it? Even at home, I’m all, what to do next? Read a book? Take a nap? Go for a walk?

I am proud of myself for relaxing. Last time it took me a good four days before I gave up trying to plan and do things. I am probably less worried then I’d be if I traveled, because all I’d think about on the way home is how much there would be to do before going back to work.

So I’m still doing dishes, and vacuuming, and cleaning the bathroom. I’m just not very worried about it, because there is plenty of time. I haven’t done laundry, but I think I have enough clothing for the weekend. Laundry on Monday!

Yes, life is too, too exciting. I know you’re so jealous!

I’m still writing, too. What an interesting novel this is turning out to be, now that I’ve let go of the outline. I will probably return to some kind of outline eventually, but right now I’m just taking it scene by scene, as the story reveals itself to me. Yes, I’ve become that kind of writer. It took about 50k words to let go of control, though.

Okay, back to doing nothing!


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