I am at the new clubhouse of my apartment complex. It’s nice. I can go to the fitness center while doing laundry. But a bunch of guys are in there acting like it’s their private gym, blasting rap music, talking loudly. I was able to deal for 30 minutes on the elliptical, but the LOUDNESS just… I understand my grandmother now, how she would say something was getting on her last nerve. That’s me.

I told myself it’s not rap music, because I am all excited about Hamilton tonight. But let’s face it, that’s not exactly hardcore, right? And I feel like it’s racist (or agist? Classist?) to complain about people and their rap music. (“Hey guys, can we put on Hamilton instead ?”) Because I play the pop music at the work gym pretty loud sometimes.

Probably just waited too long to take my meds. I was laying there at the end of BodyFlow (relaxation, lights off) thinking” That was terrible. They hate me.” Then, “Oh, I forgot to take the afternoon dose. ” It’s scary how noticeable it is.

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