I’ve got this! (Some of it.)


I’m trying to get my life together.  But I sometimes feel like I am not giving myself credit for all I am getting right. 

So,  here’s what I’m doing well on! Or at least better.  🙂

  • I am holding down a good job! I am able to do a good job even though I have a chronic illness and have to really talk myself into it most days. The job has good benefits and pays well enough to get my basic needs met on a part time schedule. 
  • I haven’t overdrawn my bank account in a while. 
  • I stopped biting my nails. When did that happen anyway? I tried to quit my whole life and it finally took. 
  • I’m not drinking,  for physical and mental health.   (And God have I wanted one this week.) 
  • I’m remembering to feed the dog and cats. I remember to take my medication daily. And to shower and eat and mostly keep up with basic household chores. 
  • I’m reading lots of good books. And writing an okay one. 
  • I keep a solid sleep schedule. I keep electronics away from my bed and sleep 7-8 hours a night. 
  • I’m still using Habitica.  So great! 
  • I keep my doctor appointments. 
  • I started seeing a therapist, who is helping me with my goal setting. 
  • I exercise regularly,  both as part of my job and for myself. 
  • I’m doing well without a car! I am mastering the bus system. 

Well,  that is a pretty good list! I feel like I could keep going, but I can always add to the brag list later. 


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