Learning an instrument with @YousicianApp


I’ve been learning to play the guitar since late December, using an app called Yousician. It plays a bit like a video game, so it often reminds me of Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, but for learning an actual instrument. J


It really is a fun way to learn. The songs are well suited to each level, and some of them are so catchy I’ll be humming them long after I’ve stopped practicing. There are levels, too, and is there anything better than getting a certificate saying you’ve reached a new level?


There’s a built-in goal of 60 daily stars, which you earn for doing well on songs. When I’m learning a new skill, it can be slow going. There are songs I know I’m good at, though, and can rack up stars quickly. I think this feature really keeps me going, because I know I have always accomplished something, even on days I might not feel like I’ve made a lot of progress. It helps me stay in the process-oriented goal (of practicing a certain amount each day) than the outcome-oriented goal (I want to be a good guitar player!). This goes a long way to keeping me from getting discouraged.




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