“It is impossible to look good and get better at the same time.” – Julia Cameron

Hi! I’m Marian, a fitness pro, writer and novice photographer.

I started my About page with the above quote because it is what I believe creative people really need – permission to look awkward, ridiculous, or goofy. To fall on your face, to stumble, to put yourself out there and be a complete wreck once in a while. Seriously, I know we all like to look graceful and put together – and it’s good work if you can get it – but real growth, connection, exploration is born out of vulnerability (see: Brene Brown and Amanda Palmer).

I’m all about creative growth and exploration – but not all at once. Much of this blog is about seeking out experiences and people, connecting with the larger world and creative community.

Much of my adult life has been inspired and guided by Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, and you’ll see that influence throughout these posts.

Please share your creative inspirations! I will share pictures, thoughts about GISHWHES (once a year, but it feels like so much longer…!) and progress (sometimes slow, halting progress) in some of my favorite hobbies: writing novels, knitting, decorating my apartment, container gardening. (Does container gardening count? It does, right?)

Keep in touch, and please know that comments make my day. (I’ll comment on your blog if you feel the same way! We can be comment buddies.)






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  1. Hi, I also have not tried body flow my club just got it this week..I have heard it tough? I am not real experienced in Yoga ..Pilates..or Matt Science. I look forward to hearing from you..as I said in my 1st comments you can find my on Les Mills or friend me on Facebook. Thanks for the information you posted!
    Sherilyn Gerhardt

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